Youth Leadership Pathway

MD402 – Active Listening



What’s the difference between hearing and listening? Learn practical skills for active listening to assist in interpersonal


Lord, humble my heart to make me someone who is known for their gift of listening to understand, not to retaliate. As I learn to listen to others, help me learn to hear You more clearly too. In Jesus’ worthy name, amen.


Active listening is a tool for us to use across every area of our life as we engage in all kinds of communication in our interpersonal realtionships. Active listening is about much more than just avoiding or settling conflict. In fact, if we can successfully engage in active listening, we are much more likely to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or conflict in the first place. If we do find ourselves in conflict however, active listening will help us get back on track. Active listening is helpful in every situation and stage of our lives!


When we listen to retaliate, we’re already on the ‘offensive’, ready for a battle. Unfortunately, two people – or even one person! – entering into a conversation with the determination to present the best case, or argument, will result in two unhappy, misunderstood people.

What we really need is to listen to understand. We don’t always have to agree with what someone believes or shares, but
understanding their ‘why’ will help us in both empathy as well as knowing how to practically move forward.


Put aside any distractions, such as music or your phone, and give your full attention to the short tutorial.

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